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Akademi Penyilidikan dan Analisis Sosio-Ekonomi



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Academy for Socio-Economic Research and Analysis (ASERA)

  • Academy for Socio-Economic Research and Analysis
  • Academy for Socio-Economic Research and Analysis
  • Academy for Socio-Economic Research and Analysis

Formed in 1996 as the Academy of Social Sciences or Akademi Sains Sosial (AKASS), the organisation has made significant advances in developing applied research programmes and policies on cultural minorities, heritage conservation, gender, global governance and civil society. It has established an extensive network of activities while promoting human resource development through involving young and promising scholars in high-level workshops, seminars and conferences. Wide professional linkages have also been established with international academic institutions and centers of excellence throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. In the process, attempts to link governmental with non-governmental organisations in research and advocacy have been made.

The next five years will spur on new directions in research and development where programmes will be more closely associated with national and global issues of economic and geo-political interest. Currently, the academy supports efforts to advance internationalisation in research, advocacy and publications by enhancing its global competitiveness and supports programmes in any national or international intellectual community which can combine the best practices in research collaboration, clustering and networking.

Work in Progress

A1 Programme: Maritime Studies of the Indian Ocean (MASIO)

Work Completed


B2 Secured Livelihoods

B3 Tanjong Tokong Dossier


B3 Tanjong Tokong Dossier

2010 b : "The Economic Crisis, Capitalism and Islam: The Making of a New Economic Order?"
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2010 b : 'Saving Tanjong Tokong', Penang Economic Monthly Dec. Issue 12:10. pp26-31.
2011 : 'Stratagems and Spoils in US Policy in the Middle East',
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2012 a : 'Philanthropy and Trust: Diversities in Civil and Global Approaches to Nationhood in
the Straits of Malacca' in eds. Abdul Sheriff and Engseng Ho
The Indian Ocean: Oceanic Connections and Creation of New Societies
ZIORI and Hurst: London
2012 b : Feasts of Penang: Muslim Culinary Heritage, MPH: Kuala Lumpur